Dini Argeo KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales

£855.00 £949.00

Technical Features

  • Stainless steel digital scales body, resistant and easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel load plate, and easily cleanable stainless steel enclosure. Dimensions 250mm x 340mm.
  • Aluminium load cells.
  • 40mm LCD display, with different backlight colours.
  • Waterproof keyboard and multifunctional programme.
  • IP44 protection.
  • Non-slip adjustable feet.
  • Ergonomic lateral handle.
  • Level positioned under the plate.
  • Serial port RS232 for connection to Pc or printer.
  • Digital scale power supply: internal rechargeable battery (operating time 40h approximately) or external power supply/battery charger.

Main Certifications

  • KSD scales certificates are:
    - EU Type Examination Certificate (45501:2015)
    - OIML R76

I/O Section

  • Bidirectional port RS232/C, programmable for connection to printer/labeller, or for printer attached to the indicator.
  • Bidirectional port RS232/C (RS485 optional) programmable for PC, PLC, additional remote display or radio modem. RJ connector for rapid linkage.

Selectable Functioning Modes

  • Through the specific key, it is possible to choose the desired functioning mode:
  • Selectable Functions:
    - High resolution visualization x 10.
    - Precision weighing by standard weight (for internal use).
    - Net/Gross, or lb/kg conversion.
    - Weight totalization.
    - Formulation.
    - +/- check
    - Percentage weigh.
    - Approved weight transmission to PC/PLC or printer.
    - Piece counting.
    - Hold

Other Standard Functions:
Zeroing, Tare, Pre-set tare, Automatic tare, Auto switch-off.

Please click here for the Dini Argeo KSB series bench scales datasheet .....