Silo Weighing and Dosing Systems with 4 CPX Load Cells - 3590EGT8


3590EGT8 Version
Wall or Panel Mounted

A comprehensive vessel weighing and dosing system with three compression load cells, specifically designed for tanks, silos, and vessels.

Coventry Scale supply a pre-calibrated, complete weighing solution for your silo. On delivery, the system is fully ready for installation by your engineer.

Following the installation of the load cells with mounting modules, instructions are provided to enable you to offset the weight of the empty tank or silo without altering the calibration of the system.

3590EGT8 Touch Screen Display

Completely customisable 8 inch touch screen display. New IP68 housing with adjustable viewing angle brackets. Integrated LED control light on the front panel and Integrated Ethernet port as standard.

3590EGT8 Available Versions

  • 3590EGT8 Standard
  • 3590EGT8 Profinet
  • 3590EGT8 Ethernet IP
  • 3590EGT8 EtherCAT
  • 3590EGT8 DeviceNET
  • 3590EGT8 CANOPEN

3590EGT8 Datasheet

CPX Compression Load Cells

CPX IP68 stainless steel compression load cells for weighing tanks, silos and hoppers when used with KCPN mounting modules. CPX load cells are supplied with 5 meters of cable as standard.

CPX Load Cell Datasheet
CPX Load Cell Technical Drawing (250kg to 12500kg)

KCPN Mounting Module

Mounting kits for CPX compression load cells. Suitable for vessels, silos, tanks, and hoppers.

  • AISI304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Great Resistance to Lateral Forces
  • Locking Nut to Raise or Lower Module Height
  • Easy Installation
  • Overload Protection Locking Nut
  • Self-Centring Connection Segment Between Lower and Upper Plates

KCPN10 Datasheet
KCPN10 Technical drawing

JB4 IP67 Junction Box

Simple junction box with IP67 protection and 4 inputs equipped with electronic board for junction of the signals of 2, 3 or 4 load cells. Screw terminal boards to facilitate the connection. The protection circuit protects against lightning and overvoltage. The JB4 junction box is an ideal choice for static weighing systems such as silos, tanks, vessels and big containers.

JB4 Datasheet

Please contact us for more information on our vessel weighing and dosing System system.