Ohaus Rocking & Waving Shakers

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OHAUS Rocking and Waving Shakers are designed for use in a range of lab applications in a variety of environmental conditions. Rocking Shakers provide a seesaw-like motion, while Waving Shakers offer a smooth, low-foaming, 3D wave motion for precise speed control. Available in microprocessor-controlled digital models and more economical analogue models. All models include a non-slip mat, and most models are available with a stacking tray option.

Mixing Blood Samples, DNA Extractions, Blotting Techniques, Staining and Destaining Gels, Hybridizations


Easy-to-read, independent LED displays for speed, tilt angle and time allow the operator to view all settings simultaneously (digital models) and basic control knobs with dial markings for speed, tilt angle and time (analog models)


Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)




Cast aluminium housing, non-slip rubber mat (included), stacking tray option (with all models except the analogue Waver model)

Design Features

Spill-resistant design, overload protection with audio/visual alarm on digital models and audible alarm on analogue models

Microprocessor control allows for electronic tilt angle adjustment in 1° increments for tilt and 1 rpm for speed (digital models) or independent control knobs for tilt, speed and time (analogue models).

Digital models are equipped with LED displays and touch-pad controls for speed, tilt angle and time. Timer displays elapsed time or when programmed to a set time, will turn off when time reaches zero.

Speed ramping feature slowly increases speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing. Audible/visual signals activate when the system detects an obstruction or tray overload.

Model SHRK07AL1 Specifications:

Control - Analogue
Motion - Rocking, 0 – 15°
Capacity - 7.3 kg

Model SHRK07AL2 Specifications:

  • Control - Analogue
  • Motion - Rocking, 0 – 15°
  • Capacity - 7.3 kg

Model SHRK04DG Specifications:

  • Control - Digital
  • Motion - Rocking, 0 – 15°
  • Capacity - 4.5 kg

Model SHWV02AL Specifications:

  • Control - Analogue
  • Motion - Waving, 0 – 16°
  • Capacity - 2.3 kg

Model SHWV02DG Specifications:

  • Control - Digital
  • Motion - Waving, 0 – 20°
  • Capacity - 2.3 kg

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