Easy Level - Aluminium Levelling Modules for WWSE and WWSD Mobile Weighing Stations

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Advantages of Easy Level Kit

  • Made entirely of aluminium, to resist against corrosion and weathering.
  • Easy to carry, thanks to the carrying handle and built-in hinges that allow you to close the modules easily, reducing the overall dimensions to a minimum.
  • For static and dynamic axle weighing applications.

Technical Features

  • Aluminium structure.
  • Maximum load capacity of the single module: up to 20t (per axle up to max. 40t).
  • Single module dimensions:
    For WWSE: 990 x 59 x 700 mm (LxHxW)
    For WWSD: 650 x 59 x 900 mm (LxHxW)
  • Non-slip surface for maximum grip on all types of surfaces.
  • Carrying handle, with adjustable straps, as standard.
  • Optional iron ramp to facilitate the ascent/descent of the vehicle.
  • Ramp dimensions:
    For WWSE: 201 X 54 X 700 mm (LxHxW)
    For WWSD: 201 X 54 X 900 mm (LxHxW)


Easy Level Kit

  • Easy level kit composed by:
    LMEK12 - Set of 12 levelling modules and 4 ramps for the Dini Argeo WWSE series of vehicle weigh pads.
    LMDK18 - Set of 18 levelling modules and 4 ramps for the Dini Argeo WWSD series of vehicle weigh pads.
    for the creation of complete axle weighing stations.

Please click here for the Easy Level modules datasheet.....