The story behind our new company brand

Changing our company name from Coventry Scale Company to Womag Weighing Limited (WOMAG) was a big decision for us. Our business has been operating for five decades and we’re extremely proud of what we have achieved as Coventry Scale Company.

In that time we have seen our team and business double in size, a move to larger premises back in 2021, and the development of ScaleCal, our own cloud-based software solution that has completely transformed how we store customer and asset data, plus manage calibration and service work.

As our business evolved, it became clear that we needed a new identity that better reflects how we’re meeting the changing needs of our customers, and how we operate as a business, both today and in the future.

Why the name WOMAG?

We wanted a name that was unique. A memorable name, but something that has meaning and reflects what we do – weighing! After serious deliberation and lots of words on whiteboards, our attention turned to the formula for weight.

Weight = Mass x Gravity

We built on that and added in an O and A to replace the = and x, creating the name WOMAG.

We’ve accompanied the new name with a tag line - Innovation-led weighing.

We selected Innovation-led weighing because everything we do is led by innovation, whether that’s the new products we source, the services we provide, or the technology we invest in. It all allows us to offer cutting-edge weighing services for our customers that enhance precision and accuracy, streamline processes, and deliver results that drive operational efficiency and cost savings.

Put simply, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored and personalised service for each of our customers, which is underpinned by years of experience and driven by the latest innovation and technology.

So what exactly does WOMAG offer?

Firstly, it’s worth saying that while our company name has changed, all core elements of our company have remained the same – WOMAG still has the same team of brilliant people and all the knowledge and expertise we’ve built over 50 years in the industry. Plus, as WOMAG, we’re continuing to work to deliver an excellent service, every day.

We can support your business with the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance and calibration services - To make sure your weighing equipment is always maintained, repaired, and calibrated effectively, we offer tiered level preventative maintenance plans, along with special discount levels for new products and parts. We can arrange a site review to discuss a tailored plan that best suits your operational requirements.
  • Custom-built weighing technology – If you need weighing technology to integrate into your existing quality management systems. We can work with you to design and develop a weighing system that works for your business and helps you drive the outcomes you need.
  • Weighing products - We provide a wide mix of weighing products and systems - from micro balances through to weighbridges and everything in between – for industries such as food production, laboratories, automotive, pharmaceutical, transport, motorsports, chemicals, and logistics. We can also work as your end-to-end solution partner to build weighing equipment into your processes.
  • Hire weighing equipment - We offer a range of products for hire on a weekly or monthly basis, just choose the timescale that suits your business operations. Hiring is useful if you are carrying out a stocktake, plus it's a great way to try out new weighing products before you buy.

All that’s left to say is, welcome to WOMAG – here’s to the next chapter.

Looking for weighing products? While we transition to our new name, you can still view and buy from our full range of weighing products on Coventry Scale Company's website. A new e-commerce site will be available on this website soon.