WPO Low Profile Stainless Steel Gas Lift Platform Scales



Ergonomic and Hygienic Design
A system of gas shock absorber allows the costumer to raise the scale top plate with minimum effort. Its design provides the WPO platform with two weighing systems, making it more versatile. Thanks to its extra-flat weighing surface, it is ideal for weighing with mobile systems such as hand trolleys, wheeled containers, and small trolleys in the food industry. Its U-profile frame allows the weighing of pallets.

With the WPO low profile platform’s lifting mechanism, it is possible to carry out a thorough cleaning of both the floor on which the scale rests and the underside of the platform. This way, the U-shaped frame is able to be better cleaned by lifting the upper part containing the 10 mm thick sheet metal. This system allows the platform to be left open in complete safety so that the pit can be left to dry when not in use.

Range of Uses
It is able to be used in all types of weighing in different industrial sectors thanks to its wide range of functions and to its capacity of thorough cleaning.

Stainless Steel Platform
The WPO stainless steel U frame scales have been specially designed to be used in places where it is highly important that all the parts of the scale are thoroughly cleaned. The IP68 protection together with the possibility to have an structure which is made completely in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel allows to do the cleaning process with pressurized water and it ensures that there is no possibility to damage either the platform or its components.

Load Cells

  • Stainless Steel Platform - G5i Stainless steel load cells OIML R60 class C3, hermetically sealed, fully welded, rated IP68. Load cells are fitted with an adjustable pivotal foot, to adjust the height of the scale and adapt it to the irregularities of the ground.

Technical Features:

  • Type Raising Platform witch extra-flat structure and U-profile frame
  • Material Stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316. Sandblast finish as standard Stainless steel gas shock absorber AISI 316
  • Installation On ground
  • Dimensions From 800 x 800 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Height 35 mm stainless steel sheet. 111 mm Pallet weigher
  • Capacities 300 kg to 600 kg
  • Thickness of the sheet 10 mm
  • Cable length 5 meters as standard, other lengths available on request
  • Support 4 pivoting feet adjustable in height
  • Gas shock absorbers In stainless steel AISI 316
  • Screws In stainless steel and zinc-coated

Optional Accessories

  • Supplement for load cells G35i in stainless steel for stainless steel platforms to 3000kg
  • Supplement for stainless steel ATEX load cells and ATEX junction box, for stainless steel platforms to 3000kg
  • Additional metre of cable
  • Sealant and isolating gel to protect electronic circuits

Please click here for the WPO gas lift U frame floor scale datasheet.....