Weigh Console: Monitoring the Instruments



The Weigh Console is fitted with an interface which allows you to clearly and quickly view the weight which is on the connected scale and to store the weight string in any active Windows application. Furthermore it allows the reading of the stored weights, on the scales which have the integrated memory for the list of weighs (ex. DFWPM).


  • Communication through the COM port (serial or USB, also with 485 address) or through TCP/IP address.
  • Start of the “extended” or iconised program.
  • "On-line" visualisation of the weight on the connected scale.
  • Zero and Tare functions on the connected scale.
  • "Easy Windows data entry" function:
    - it allows to write the weight read from the scale directly in the opened Windows application (es. Excel, production software, etc.) by pressing a configurable key;
    - for the approved scales with alibi memory (fitted or optional depending on the model), it is possible to entry the weight and also the weighs ID;
    - the format of the entered data by pressing a key can be customized as one needs.
  • "Weighs list" function: it allows you to read the stored weighs on the scales which have the integrated memory for recording the weighs, with the possibility to save them in "Excel" or *.csv format.


  • Pentium IV or equivalent - 256 Mb Ram
  • 200 MB of empty space on disk
  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or greater
  • Monitor with 800x600 minimum resolution, 256 colours
  • A RS232 serial port or USB (for indicators fitted with USB port)

Please click here for the Weigh Console: Monitoring the Instruments Datasheet...