Dini Argeo TPWNBT Pallet Truck Scales with Rechargeable Battery

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Dini Argeo TPWNBT Pallet Truck Scales

Entry level TPWNBT pallet truck scales manufactured by Dini Argeo. The TPWNBT pallet truck scales are made to a very high standard and built to last, prefect for mobile weighing in a warehouse environment. The TPWNBT features a new rechargeable battery pack and improved accuracy over its predecessor, the popular TPWN.

Weighing Features

  • Resolution: 0.2 kg.
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg.
  • Precision: +/- 0.05% of maximum capacity (weighing of goods on Europallet with distributed load).

Why Choose the TPWNBT Pallet Truck Scales

  • The only entry level pallet truck scale that weighs with a resolution of 0.2 kg.
  • It is the lightest on the market, while maintaining a robust and rigid carpentry to weigh accurately.
  • The only one without junction box, with adjustment of each load cell from the display.
  • 4 Dini Argeo approved steel load cells, with IP67 protection rate.
  • The large 25 mm shockproof LCD display makes it easier to read.
  • Back-lighting with automatic switch-off, adjustable from the keyboard to adapt to any working conditions.
  • Waterproof keyboard for industrial use.
  • Power supply via internal rechargeable battery with 80h autonomy (battery charger with EU plug included in the supply).
  • Programmable automatic switch-off, which extends the working autonomy.
  • Each pallet truck is tested and supplied with the corresponding certificate to guarantee the declared accuracy.

Easy to Recalibrate and Repair

  • The only one without junction box: the adjustment of each individual cell is done comfortably from the keyboard.
  • Spare and wear parts always available and ready for delivery.
  • Service centres throughout Europe and the world.

Main Functions

  • Weighing functions: Zeroing, Tare, Preset Tare.
  • Operating modes selectable directly by the user, via dedicated button:
    - lb/kg conversion
    - Free conversion factor (meter counter, litre counter, etc)
    - Weight totalisation
    - Piece counting
    - Hold.

Available for Immediate Delivery

  • Fast delivery with products always in stock from Dini Argeo.
  • The protective packaging on pallets guarantees optimal protection of the product and is composed of entirely recyclable materials.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Low profile forks, only 85 mm.
  • Standard dimensions.

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