BCD Dual Parts Counting Bench Scale With Drive Through BVL Platform Scale - Folding Ramps


BCD Model
Platform Capacity:
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The BCD parts counting bench scales are suitable for a wide range of applications such as annual inventories & stock takes, store rooms, print shops, post rooms and general industrial weighing applications.

The BCD is used as a sample scale to get an average piece weight of small parts, the sample weight is then transferred to the larger roll on/off platform scale. A large pallet or stillage is placed on to the drive platform scale, once the Tare weight of the stillage has been removed, the QHD will give an accurate total of all of the parts within the stillage.

Coventry Scale Company’s low profile BVL pallet scale for weighing pallets, stillages, dolavs & IBC’s.

The BVL platform scale has two built in ramps with a shallow incline allowing pallet trucks to pass over it with ease. The low profile platform scales stand at only 45mm high. There are a two different capacity and increment options for these roll on/off platform scales.

The BVL pallet weighing scales are constructed from 5mm strong and durable steel. Thickness of steel is a fundamental factor in the manufacturing process of platform scales, many alternative products are manufactured using a thinner grade material, which only leads to a shorter live span of the weighing equipment. CSC source only the best products on the market for the best possible value.

Before dispatch, all our pallet weighing scales are calibrated to full capacity, using UKAS verified test weights. A copy of our weight certification is available on request.

The BVL drive through floor scales come with folding ramps either side of the platform which can be folded back on to the platform to save space.


  • Platform with 4 load cells, with low profile.
  • It can be used in legal metrology.
  • Installation on ground.
  • Diamond plate 5/7 mm thick in steel.
  • Steel framework, in cold formed sheet 3 mm thick.
  • Load cells OIML R-60 C3, in steel, IP67 protection.
  • Junction box in ABS, IP66 protection.
  • Lateral access to the junction box.
  • 2 folding access ramps included.

Please click here for the BVL drive through floor scales datasheet …..

The BCD parts counting scales have a wide variety of applications including dual scale parts counting, weighing, weight accumulation, parts counting, check counting and count accumulation.

Perfect for industrial commercial warehouses, BCD counting scales include tough ABS housing and large stainless steel weighing pans to protect against accidental damage and spills. Accessibility is placed at the forefront of design with easy-to-use keypads and backlit displays, whilst an internal rechargeable battery lasting up to 90 hours when fully charged, allows the scale to be moved across different locations and workbenches without the need for an active power supply.

BCD Features

  • Backlight LCD displays with digits of 20 mm.
  • Individual displays for the weight (6 digits), unit weight (6 digits), and number of pieces (6 digits).
  • 16 function indication symbols.
  • Connectable to an auxiliary platform, bu-scale.
  • ABS housing.
  • Stainless steel pan.
  • Pan size: 300x230 mm.
  • IP44 protection.
  • High resolution, 60.000 internal divisions.
  • Aluminium load cell.
  • 20 keys.
  • 100 PLUs with description, weight, units and tare.
  • Overload protection.
  • Bubble level.
  • Blister included.
  • Adjustabe feet in height.
  • Operating temperature range: 0ºC +40ºC.
  • Internal recharged battery.
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 230Vac 50Hz.
  • Units: kg.
  • RS232. Print and PC format.

BCD Functions

  • Accumulation
  • Totalization
  • Zero, Tare, Net
  • Piece counting
  • Limits function

Please click here for the BCD parts counting scales datasheet .....