Ohaus OIML F2 Troemner Alloy Weights - Cylindrical Shape 1g to 20kg


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With NVLAP Test Certificate

Product Details

Ohaus OIML F2 troemner alloy stainless steel test weights are adjusted to meet or exceed OIML F2 tolerances.

OIML Class F2 test weights offer high accuracy with tight tolerances and guaranteed uncertainty 1/3 of the tolerance. Weight surfaces meet or exceed OIML R 111 and have a highly polished mirror-like finish.

Weights 1g – 20kg are made of Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel which possesses closely controlled density (8.03 g/cm3), extremely low magnetic properties, good stability, and resistance to corrosion.

Weights are supplied in high quality cases to ensure weights are held securely, kept clean, and dust free, protecting your investment.