Ohaus Mini Vortex Mixers

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By Ohaus

Four Ohaus Mini Vortex Mixer models for gentle to high-speed mixing are available. Analog model offers variable speed control, and digital model allows input of the exact speed and time to achieve reproducible results. Pulsing model features a unique pulse action that reduces heat generation, while providing more effective mixing and cell disruption. Fixed speed model offers one-touch, high-speed mixing.


Re-Suspending Liquids, Mixing Reagents, Buffers and Emulsions, ELISA Assay, Drug Extractions, Mixing Samples

Independent LED displays for speed/time allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously (digital models) and adjustment knob with dial markings for variable speed control (analog models)

Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)


Cup head and 3-inch accessory platform for beakers, flasks, test tubes etc. (included with all models), stainless steel microtube holder for 12 tubes (pulsing models)

Design Features
Ohaus mini vortex mixers use microprocessor-control to maintain set speed for consistent mixing action (digital models), 230V models have a maximum speed of 2500 rpm

Available as analog and digital models with a rocker switch to select from 2 modes - Touch mode which activates mixing when depressing the cup head or Continuous mode when using accessory attachments.

Analog and digital models offer speed control from low RPM start up for gentle shaking - to high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples (analog - 300 to 3200 rpm & digital - 500 to 3000 rpm).

Fixed speed vortex mixers start mixing when the cup head is depressed. Ideal for mixing samples when a variable speed is not needed. Speed is a full 3200 rpm to provide vigorous mixing of samples.

Model VXMNFS Specifications

  • Control - Fixed Speed
  • Duty Rating - Intermittent
  • Orbit {metric} - 0.2 in (4.9 mm)

Model VXMNAL Specifications

  • Control - Analog
  • Duty Rating - Intermittent
  • Orbit {metric} - 0.2 in (4.9 mm)

Model VXMNDG Specifications

  • Control - Digital
  • Duty Rating - Intermittent
  • Orbit {metric} 0.2 in (4.9 mm)

Model VXMNPS Specifications

  • Control - Pulsing
  • Duty Rating - Intermittent
  • Orbit {metric} - 0.1 in (2.5 mm)

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