Offline Sampling Software for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake Indicators


The Offline Sampling module has been proven reliable in a variety of industries such as in food, drink, chemicals and other continuous manufacturing environments. Powerful diagnostics track filling performance and minimize variability, ensuring high quality product.

Myrias connects standard scales, operator terminals, label printers, barcode scanners, PC stations and data networks integrating equipment in one enterprise software.

  • Operator warning displayed for individual and collective pack fill infringements, with calculated fill adjustments to maintain control target
  • Includes library of statistical control strategies, including Cusum and Shewart variants
  • Records secure records for average weight, minimum weight and other legislations, as well as for SPC and quality control
  • Density conversion for liquid fills
  • Quarantine module available to record handling of defects
  • Works with Nominals in weight or volume (with density factor), automatically calculating TNE, T1 and T2

Additional Modules Include

  • Operator dialogue for fill adjustment instructions
  • Fill head performance analysis for reducing variability
  • Lot/Batch/other identifiers for full traceability
  • Container Log for simple configuration of tares

Screen Displays and Reports

  • Quick and easy access to information
  • Colour histogram, trend, original data charts
  • Cost of manufacture with variance from standard
  • Separate charts for legal compliance and control
  • Trend plotted with event or time-base incorporating zoom facility
  • Tare weights list and chart
  • Original data transactions show full details of each individual weighment
  • User configurable report tables
  • Reports over shift, day or custom periods
  • All records stamped with date and time
  • Ability to print reports

Offline Sampling is just one module in a suite covering many aspects of manufacturing. In total, over 100 integrated software modules are available to record, control and report on every aspect of procurement, planning, production and dispatch.

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