iDimension Plus Mobile Cart Dimensioning System


The Rice Lake iDimension Plus Mobile Cart Dimensioning System‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎

Industry Leading 0.2-Second Dimensioning
Dimension parcels faster and more accurately than manual measurements with the iDimension Plus Mobile Cart. In an industry-leading 0.2 seconds, parcels are automatically calculated at 0.2 inches, eliminating the risk for human error. Irregular-shaped packages like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven shapes are calculated within +/-0.5 inches.

Innovative Technology
The iDimension Plus Mobile Cart uses multiple patented 3D-imaging technologies with advanced algorithms to optimize time and throughput for static outbound shipments. For objects under 1.2 inches, unique flat-detection technology measures envelopes and small packages. Each dimension provides an overhead image for use during claim disputes on damaged packages. A colour touchscreen display provides instant feedback, a live image, measurements, weight and operator functions for day-to-day use.

The iDimension Plus Mobile Cart is specifically designed for integrators to provide flexibility in the installation of a dimensioning solution anywhere over a conveyor, table or scale from a pole, ceiling mount or support beam. An optional stand is available for ease of integration over a static roller conveyor at 60.2 inches (Legal for Trade) or 79 inches above the platform. The iDimension Plus Mobile Cart can be used with UPS Worldship and a barcode scanner to add barcode data to process records.

The iDimension Plus Mobile carts were designed to enable quick and accurate dimensioning directly at your product location. The cart series consists of 30” and 48” long workstations that hold and power the iDimension Plus and other hardware including scales, laptops/thin clients/CPUs and printers up to 12+ hours at a time or 24/7 operation.

The iDimension Plus Mobile provides either a NewCastle systems light weight, swappable AC power industrial applications using the PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System or traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) battery.

iDimension Plus Shipping Demonstration


  • Easy to assemble in 30 minutes or less
  • Displays dimensions in less than 2 seconds
  • Automatic scan and dimension, no special package placement required
  • Includes 7 in (178 mm) touchscreen monitor
  • Dimensions parcels at 0.2 in (5 mm) NTEP Legal for Trade accuracy
  • Dimensions irregular shapes and polybags at 0.5 in NTEP Legal for Trade accuracy
  • Capable to dimension opaque packaging
  • Measurement capabilities beyond Legal for Trade limits
  • Standard resolution colour camera included
  • High resolution colour image, 2880 x 2160 pixels, available from iDimension Plus 4K
  • One top shelf, push handle with laptop shelf, waste basket, 6 × 2 in rubber wheels with two locking casters, integrated power system and power strip


  • Optional powered USB hub for use of more than one peripheral
  • Optional wired or wireless USB bar code scanner
  • Dimensions and bar code text data added to web service API
  • Rice Lake BenchPro shipping/postal scales
  • Rice Lake 680, 880, 1280 indicators available for automation applications

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The Rice Lake iDimension can dimension it!