W-T1 Weight Indicator

£125.00 £140.00

The W-T1 weight indicator is an entry level product brought to you by WOMAG. With the option of mains power (240v or 110v) or internal battery this product can offer a solution to suit any budget. Featuring high capacity internal resolution we are able to pair this weight indicator to any weighing platform or load cell.

High precision AD conversion, readability 1/30000;
20 times of ISN display, replace weights to observe and analyze error;
Power on, auto zero-set range, manual zero-set range can be set separately,
zero tracing range can be set;
Random charging by indicator, low power indication and protection device;
Adopt float charging circuit, can prolong battery lifetime;
Power-saving mode and auto power-off function;
Animal scale function, accumulation function, counting function is optional;
High and low limit weight indication;
RS232 communication interface, multi communication formats;
Apply with EMC preventive measurement;
Multi-information reminder;

Technical Data:
Accuracy class: iii' . n=3000
AID conversion mode: !:i- x , 20bit
Input sensitivity: ~ 1.5uV/e
Load cell excitation: DC 5V, connect 1-6 pieces of 3500 strain gauge load cell
Load cell connection mode:6 wire Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
Display: 6bits LED, 10 indication signs:
Specialized adapter power supply: AC 110-22ov. 50Hz-60Hz
Built-in 6V/4AH maintenance free Lead-Acid battery
Operating temperature: 0-+40"C. humidity ~85% (RH)
Storage temperature: -20-+60"C humidity ~95% (RH)


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