CPX Compression Load Cell with DFWLB Display - Peak Hold



Dini Argeo CPX Compression Load Cell

Main Features

  • Capacities From 250 TO 100000 kg
  • CE-M C3 Approved, from 2500 to 12500 kg
  • Low Profile
  • Great resistance to lateral forces
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • IP68 protection
  • Shielded connection cable

Technical Features

  • Minimum load cell verification interval: Vmin = EMax / 10000
  • Full Scale Output: 2mV/V +/- 0,5%
  • Non-Repeatability: 0,01% F.S.
  • Combined Error 0,05%
  • Temperature effect on zero: 0,02% / 10°C
  • Temperature effect on full scale output: 0,02% / 10°C
  • Compensated Temperature Range: -10°C/+50°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C/+60°C
  • Creep error after 30 minutes: 0,02% F.S.
  • Recommended excitation voltage: 10 Vdc
  • Maximum tolerated excitation voltage: 15 Vdc
  • Input Resistance: 750 ± 10 Ohm
  • Output Resistance: 700 ± 5 Ohm
  • Zero Balance: +/-1% F.S.
  • Insulation Resistance: >5000 MOhm
  • Safe Overload: 120% F.S.
  • 4-wire shielded cable, 5 mm diameter:
  • – 5 m long for CPX 250…5000 versions;
  • – 10 m long for CPX 7500…100000 versions.

Dini Argeo DFWLB Display

Main Features

  • Peak Hold - the display will lock on to the greatest amount of force applied to the load cell
  • 5-key functional waterproof keypad.
  • Back-lit 25mm LCD display with 6 high contrast digits with icons for showing the active functions.
  • Easy to clean ABS IP68 case, resistant to harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Suitable for use on the table, column, or wall.
  • Fitted with fixing bracket with adjustable inclination.
  • A/D 24 bit, 4 channel converter, max. 200 conv./sec. auto-select, and up to 8 signal linearization points.
  • Up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/e in CE-M approved versions for legal for trade use.
  • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  • Connection with up to 8 load cells with input resistance equal to 350 Ohm or up to 16 cells of 700 Ohm each.
  • Digital calibration and Set-Up from keypad or from PC through DINITOOLS.
  • Power supply through built-in rechargeable battery, with 60h operating time, and fitted with external battery charger (to not use as power adaptor).

Selectable Function Modes

  • The user can select the operating modes directly using the dedicated key*:
    – High resolution display x 10
    – Precision weighing with temporary recalibration via a sample weight (for internal factory use)
    – Net/Gross
    – Lb to Kg converter
    – Free conversion factor (for meter and litre counters etc.)
    – Weight totalizer
    – Formulizer
    – +/- controller with quick target and threshold input
    – Percentage weighing
    – Piece counter
    – Hold

The “alibi memory” function is available in combination with the required operating mode and it is activated automatically when installing the relevant optional board.

  • Optional functions:
    – PEAK, detection of weight peaks (code DFWPK)
    – Newton to Kg converter (code DFWPK)
  • Access to the user menu is gained using the dedicated key* to adjust the weighing filter, date and time, setpoint and tare weight, which the user can access by entering a programmable access password.* These quick access keys to the menus can be blocked by configuring a dedicated password.

Main Certifications

  • EU Type Examination Certificate (45501:2015)
  • OIML R76

I/O Section

  • RS232/C bidirectional port on RJ11 connector for quick connection (optional RS485) on screw terminal, configurable for PC, PLC, or additional remote display.
  • RS232/C bidirectional port configurable for connection to printer or labeller.

Please click here for the DFWLB display datasheet …..