Baxtran STR Crane Scale


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  • Aluminium framework.
  • LED red display with 5 digits of 30 mm.
  • Intensity adjustment.
  • Swinging load cell.
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 230-240Vac 50-60Hz.
  • Interior rechargeable battery 6V/5Ah. It lasts 50 hours.
  • Easy change of battery.
  • Control of functions, calibration and switch off by remote control.
  • Maximum distance of the remote control: 10 m.
  • Units: kg.
  • Alarm for weight overload.
  • Standby and auto disconnection.
  • According to the directive of security of the machine 2006/42/CE.


  • Accumulation
  • Total
  • Zero
  • Tare

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