ATEX SPN Series Single Point Load Cell

£235.00 £254.00


Main Features

  • C3 Precision Class
  • OFF Centre Load Compensated
  • Constructed from Aluminium alloy
  • IP65 Protection
  • Maximum Capacities from 100kg x 630kg
  • For Platforms with Dimensions up to 700mm x 700mm
  • Shielded Connection Cable
  • OIML Certification Available on Request
  • Test Certificate Available on Request

Technical Features

  • Minimum load cell verification interval: Vmin = EMax / 10.000-15.000
  • Maximum number of verification intervals: nLC = 3000
  • Sensitivity: 2mV/V ± 10%
  • Temperature effect on zero:
    from ±0,0093% F.S./10K to ±0,0140%
  • Temperature effect on Full Span:
    0,0117% F.S./10K (-10°C/+20°C)
    0,0175% F.S./10K (+20°C/+40°C)
  • Compensated Temperature Range: -10°C/+40°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C/+50°C
  • Creep at nominal load in 30 minutes: 0,01% F.S.
  • Maximum excitation voltage without damage: 15 Vdc
  • Input Resistance: 300..500 Ohm
  • Output Resistance: 300..500 Ohm
  • Insulation Resistance: >2000 MOhm
  • Mechanical limit load in service: 150% F.S.
  • Destructive load: 300% F.S.
  • Deflection at nominal load: <0,5mm
  • 6-wire shielded cable, 3m long, 5mm diameter

ATEX Version

  • The CCATEX certificate makes the load cell suitable for use in hazardous areas with protection methods according to:
    ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC T6 (Ta -20÷+40°C) TX (Ta -20÷+65°C) Ga
    ATEX II 1D Ex ta IIIC TX°C (Ta -20÷+40°C) TX°C (Ta -20÷+65°C) Da IP65.
  • The certificate includes the manual and the ATEX CE conformity declaration (available in EN, DE, FR, and IT).
    IMPORTANT: the certificate refers to the single load cell. For systems with more load cells, it is necessary to order one certificate for each load cell.