WOMAG, provider of innovative weighing products and services in the UK, has made strides towards environmental sustainability through investment in renewable energy sources at its site in Coventry.  

Recognising the need to become more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint, the company has recently completed the installation of cutting-edge solar panels, marking its commitment to more sustainable business practices. 

Supported by the Coventry & Warwickshire Green Business Programme, WOMAG has installed 28 solar panels at its site in Coventry and is now generating more than half of its energy from renewable sources.   

Tom Marren, director at WOMAG, comments: "This investment is a pivotal step in our journey towards becoming greener and more sustainable. As a business, we recognise our role in reducing our impact on the national gird, and this investment aligns with our commitment to minimising our environmental impact. 

“On one of the sunniest days this year, the solar panels provided around 80% of the energy we required, which is incredible. On average, we’re forecasting to produce enough renewable energy each year to supply around 51% of the annual energy requirement at our site in Coventry. This means over half of our electricity consumption in Coventry is now self-sufficient.”  

In addition to solar panels, WOMAG has replaced all its lighting with an LED lighting system which uses significantly less energy. On top of that, the company also has PIR (passive infrared) sensors that ensure lights are automatically switched off when people leave the room, further bolstering the company’s sustainability performance.