Coventry Scale Company came to the rescue for the official adjudication of the world’s largest fish and chips record attempt at Robata Restaurant, Resorts World, Birmingham, this week.

The Guinness World Record attempt for the largest serving of fish and chips was smashed by the Midlands Restaurant, and the Coventry based industrial weighing company was there with its top of the range, industrial scales to step in for the official weighing after the fish was found to be so big only specialist scales would do and the existing supplier was nowhere to be seen.

Tom Marren, Managing Director, Coventry Scale Company, explains: ‘We were delighted to be part of this momentous occasion, even if we did only have 45 minutes to turn things around! The Guinness World Record adjudication is a rigorous process, so they had to ensure the accuracy of the scales. The extent of the attempt meant that only specialist scales were up to the task. Thanks to the expertise of our team, the scales were approved, with just minutes to go, and the world record attempt was a huge success.’

The Robata’s fish and chips serving weighed in at 54.99kg.

Ian Bennett, Operations Director RWB, continues: ‘Months of planning and logistics went into the attempt to realise the Guinness world record for the largest ever serving of fish and chips. ‘On the actual day, and only a few hours before the attempt started, we were made aware of a serious problem that would have killed the attempt. The scales, that were critical in securing the record, weren’t big enough. The supplier we used was contacted but couldn’t help as they’d finished work for the day.

‘We contacted Coventry Scale Company and, within minutes of the call they were sorting out scales to do the job, including calibration and the necessary certification, crucial in securing the record. In just under an hour the scales arrived and were set up whilst the fish and chips were being cooked.

‘We cracked the record, and in no short part to Coventry Scale Company! Incredible service and I can’t thank them enough for their fantastic support and positive attitude to help solve our problem. Without them we’d have had an embarrassing situation on our hands with press and public attending the event.’