When the Animal Care team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary asked us to create a weighing solution that could operate efficiently within wet and cold environments, we were more than happy to help.

The seals love regularly dipping in and out of the cold saltwater pool at the sanctuary, but this was causing problems for the team when it came to weighing them as the harsh water conditions were damaging their existing scales. Plus, they needed a wireless solution to allow them to move the scales around the sanctuary.

Marc Marren, Commercial Director at Coventry Scale Company, said: “The team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary needed a hardwearing weighing solution that was waterproof, and they could operate wirelessly. So, we tailored a pair of our D1 – Wireless Bluetooth Weigh Beams which transmits live weight data readings to a mobile application, allowing them to easily record and store the weight of each seal on any android device.

“The weigh beams, which are placed underneath a platform, are made from stainless steel, and can withstand harsh water conditions. They are also portable, making it easier for the team to move and use them anywhere.”

Elliot Badrick, from the Animal Care team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said: “It’s essential that the scales we use to weigh the seals are waterproof, wireless, and stainless-steel. They need to be able to cope with the rigorous environment we use them in and to overcome the challenge we have with the damage that saltwater can have on the scales.

“The team at Coventry Scale Company created a bespoke set of weigh beams designed around our needs, and thanks to them we now have a fantastic product that allows us to weigh our seals with ease and efficiency. Also, a huge thank you to the team for donating two smaller scales to the cause too, making everyday life for our animal carers easier when managing fish prep and pup feeds!”

Marc added: “It was a pleasure working with the team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to help them achieve a weighing solution that not only makes day-to-day life easier, but also ensures they can accurately monitor each seal’s weight as part of their health checks on the rehabilitation programme.”

Weighing technology tailored to your operations

Whether you’re looking to integrate weighing equipment with your existing database system, develop a bespoke weighing system for automation, data processing and acquisition, or you need made-to-measure scales, we can create a bespoke weighing solution that works for your business.