Check out our weighing scales on BBC One's The One Show

Last week BBC One’s, The One Show visited Chester Zoo to learn about how they weigh the animals as part of the fantastic health care programme provided by the team of dedicated zookeepers at the zoo.

The weighing scales that we developed and installed for the Asian elephants and the Komodo dragons were featured in the programme.

Back in late 2019, we provided a weighing solution for the Asian elephants, which involved writing an application for a Dini Argeo 3590 series that was calibrated with two separate UK manufactured VW platform scales. The scales measure both the front and back weight, plus the total weight, and then all the data is calculated autonomously and displayed on a colour touch screen weight indicator. This allows the zoo to gather all the information they need to monitor the overall weight of each elephant and track their weight and health throughout their lifespan.

In addition, we supplied a pair of weigh beam scales with a Coventry Scale Company T1 weight indicator. The weigh beams allow the zoo to use the scales to gather accurate weights for various animals, including the Komodo Dragons.

Accurately measuring the weight of every animal is a critical part of the zoo’s regular health screening and it allows the zoo to deliver the best possible care each and every day, so it was great to see the weighing equipment in action and on the programme.

Watch the video: