WPC Stainless Steel Hygienic Floor Scales


Grade of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Drive in Scales with Unique lifting Mechanism and Access Ramp

For environments with deep cleaning needs
The grade of protection IP of the WPC hygienic floor scales components allows the cleaning of the scale with pressurised water.

WPC Hygienic Floor Scales - 3 Main Elements
An extra flat weighing platform which includes the load cells and the junction box already installed in factory. The weighing surface is of doubled sheet.
The chassis is rooted on the ground and is where the weighing platform leans. This chassis, at the same time is the mechanism which allows the raising of the platform for the cleaning operations.
There is also an access ramp to the weighing surface of the platform. This access ramp can be fitted together with the chassis and is removable, this facilitates the cleaning of the own ramp and its leaning surface.

The structure of these three elements is constructed from stainless steel AISI304 to make sure a good resistance in wet environments and it can also be done in AISI316 for the harshest of environments.

Two People Can Easily Raise the WPC Floor Scales
In this way both the surface of the ground- which normally remains hidden by the scale, and the scale structure, become easily accessible. In this way it is possible to clean both the ground and the underside of the WPC. The grade of protection IP of its components allows the cleaning of the scale with water under pressure.
If the conditions of work allow it, it is possible to leave the scale raised to facilitate the drying of the scales and the ground. To do so it contains a security bolt to prevent that the scale gets folded accidentally.
Once you dry the scale and the working zone, the scale can be returned to its working position.

WPC Technical Features

  • Type Platforms with 4 load cells
  • Material V1: Painted structure and sheet
  • V2: Structure painted and stainless steel sheet
  • V3: Completely stainless steel 304
  • Thickness of the sheet 5 mm
  • Installation On ground o Pit
  • Dimensions From 800 x 800 to 2000 x 1500 mm
  • Capacities 300 kg to 3000 kg
  • Height 100 mm, 120 mm (110 mm or 130 mm with cubicles
  • version) according to capacity and dimension (see
  • technical data sheet)
  • Cable length 5 m
  • Inside access Removing screwed sheet

Please click here for the WPC hygienic floor scales datasheet