Transportation Weighbridge Software for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake Indicators


The Transportation module integrates with weighbridges to manage product inventory, haulers, suppliers, customers, order processing, dispatch and invoicing. Vehicle loads can be quickly analysed for value and traceability.

Myrias captures, monitors and reports weight data empowering enhanced decisions by incorporating scale data.

  • Records load data and empty vehicle weight
  • Captures vehicle and trailer identifiers
  • Compatible with a wide range of weighbridge indicators
  • Multi-axle weighing
  • Loading bay control and content inventory
  • Connects to printers, traffic lights, barriers and video cameras

Screen Displays and Reports

  • Full traceability for all transactions
  • Stores vehicle details, including tare weight
  • Instant recall of hauler and customer information
  • Real time reporting of tonnage and values by hauler, customer and product
  • Records all vehicle access to the site in a visitor’s log
  • Pre-programmed price, customizable per location
  • Customer database which includes current balance, credit limit and discounts

Transportation is just one module in a suite covering many aspects of manufacturing. In total, over 100 integrated software modules are available to record, control and report on every aspect of procurement, planning, production and dispatch.

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