Recessed weighbridges 2


Our solutions

  • Weighbridges of various lengths, both standard and with double track.
  • Systems approved for use in connection with third parties, equipped with all major accessories such as access barriers, traffic lights, cameras, solar panels, etc.
  • Dini Argeo weighbridges are approved for use in connection with third parties compliant with the Solas directive can benefit from the 2017/2018 hyper-depreciation.

Our network of specialised partners

  • The solutions shown in the examples have been carried out by our network of specialised partners worldwide.

We thank the companies that own the photographic material for having granted permission for its use, as well as for their competence and professionalism.

If you are interested in receiving more information, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be able to advise you relating to the solution you are looking for, together with our nearest local partner.

Please click here for the Recessed Weighbridges Datasheet...