Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analyser

£2,179.00 £2,720.00

Combining Speed and Precision in One Moisture Analyser –Test More Samples in Less Time

  • The MB90’s precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples quickly, and ensures uniform heating to yield fast, precise and repeatable results of 0.01% readability.
  • Designed with effortless maintenance in mind, the MB90 features a removable pan handler and heating chamber components that make cleaning quick and easy – no tools needed.
  • Icon-based menu navigation on the easy-to-read touchscreen display makes operating the MB90 intuitive. Perform routine sample testing in three easy steps – no training required.

The MB90 provides precise results for more confident testing.

  • Fast Halogen Heating Technology
    Halogen heating dries samples in seconds and performs up to 40% faster than traditional infrared methods.
  • Uniform Drying for Precise, Repeatable Results 
    The reflective sample chamber ensures uniform heating of each sample to yield reliable results of 0.01% readability.
  • Flexible and Powerful
    Features a full operating temperature range of 40–200 °C in 1 degree increments.
  • Two Drying Profiles to Ensure Accuracy 
    Customize heating of specific samples with temperature control for one-step drying—set temperature and time and begin!
  • Shut-Off Criteria for Automatic Test Completion
    Customize your own test endpoint criteria to automatically end the test once moisture loss is no longer detected.

Please click here for the Ohaus MB90 moisture analyser datasheet…..