Multi-Product Dosage Functioning



  • Database of 16 selectable products/phases which may be:
    - Automatic dosage;
    - Manual dosage, with possibility of managing a control light;
    - Complete or partial unloading;
    - Fractioned unloading, for dividing all the dosed material in equal quantities;
    - Timer, for enabling mixers, burners, or stirrers for a preestablished time period;
    - Pause, for allowing the manual operations of the operator;
    - Manual weight, for adding pre-weighed quantities to the dosage.
  • Database of 15 formulas, each one can contain:
    - up to 8 products/phases with target, speed change threshold, flight, +/- tolerance;
    - minimum tare and maximum tare values.


  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle and introduction / selection formula.
  • Automatic recalculation of the formula targets, by entering the total weight to be dosed.
  • Quick introduction and selection of the dosage data, in the numeric keyboard models.


  • Serial communication protocol for programming the formulas, the products and managing the cycle.
  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle through external inputs.
  • Formula selection through 2 external inputs (only for models with 4 inputs).
  • Dual dosage speed (approximate and fine), through any available contacts or analogue output (in the “AN” models).
  • One may assign to each product/phase a direct contact, for "fine" dosage, or a binary combination of contacts to codify up to 15 products/phases (only for models with 6 outputs).
  • “Fine” dosage contact active either constantly or intermittently (jogging).
  • Indication of weight within tolerance, out of tolerance, finished dosage, or alarm through any dedicated contacts
  • Analogue output (only for "AN" models) proportional to the weight or to the dosage speed.


  • Checking the presence of the tare at the dosage start.
  • Automatic printing of the dosage data.
  • Storage and printing of the consumptions. Printouts may be quickly recalled from the keyboard.
  • Automatic correction of the flight weight.
  • Repetitions of the programmable dosage cycles; infinite cycle function.
  • Tolerance test on the dosed weight, with guided correction on display.
  • Check of the maximum dosage time.
  • Alarms indication on display.


  • Once the dosage start command has been received, the following takes place:
    - the presence of the tare and weight stability is verified,
    - the execution of the automatic tare and the enabling of the automation through the dedicated outputs: the instrument executes the first phase of the formula;
  • Once the first phase is finished, the instrument automatically passes to the following phase, executing the automatic tare;
    At the end of the last configured phase, the instrument enables the fine cycle contact and waits for the start of the new dosage, or automatically restarts with the following cycle.

Please click here for the Multi-Product Dosage Functioning Datasheet...