DFWPM "PLAY MOBILE" Remote Control and Portable Weight Repeater




  • Backlit LCD 25 mm LCD display with 6 high contrast digits with icons for indicating the active functions.
  • 5 Key waterproof mechanical keyboard.
  • IP65 protection.
  • Compact and sturdy case, easy to clean and resistant in harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Dimensions (lxhxw): 173x98x54mm
  • Max. functioning distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels.
  • Power supply provided by rechargeable long life battery (about 80h); battery charger included.
  • DFWPM has to be coupled with scales or crane scales fitted with optional radio module.


  • 868Mhz integrated radio modem, with 50 different frequency channels, easily programmable from PC, for communication with indicator, scale and crane scale.
  • USB port (standard fitted with the DFWPM10USB model), for quick connection to the PC.
  • Infrared receiver for functioning with remote control.


  • Remote visualisation of the weight, messages and metrological/functional icons.
  • Remote management of displayed scale functions: ZERO, TARE, PRINT, ENABLING/DISABLING of the FUNCTIONING MODE and SWITCH-OFF.
  • Recording of 500 weights for internal use, executed on one or more scales/crane scales (weight of each scale and sum).
  • Connection to the PC through USB port for reading the list of weighs, by using the "Weigh Console" software or by a specific serial communication protocol.
  • Recording of 250 weights for legal for trade use, executed on one scale/crane scale fitted with optional alibi memory.

Additional features for the DFWPMxxUSB model:

  • Memory for weight storage.
  • TAKE NOTE: for legal for trade applications, the connected scale/crane scale has to be fitted with the optional alibi memory board.
  • Mini USB standard port for download of the weights by a PC, through WeighConsole PC software (Mini USB to USB cable adapter not included).

Please click here for the Dini Argeo DFWPM "PLAY MOBILE" Remote Control and Portable Weight Repeater Datasheet...