BEP Low Profile Platform Scales with Access Ramp


BEP Low Profile Platform Scales with Access Ramp

Optional Second Ramp
There is also the possibility to install an optional second access ramp, this allows the operators to get on to the platform from one side and exit it by the opposite side. In this way the path to follow is easier as it is in one direction, saving time.

Ultra Low Platform
It is specially designed for situations when there is some difficulty to access the platform. The platforms of the BEP series are meant to be used as an ultra-flat scale. The hand trucks with their loads can get to the weighing area via a frontal access ramp.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Design
Its ultra-flat surface together with the addition of an access ramp with a slope of 10% gradient allows the operators an easy access to the weighing area.

Range of Uses
It can be used for all types of weighing in different industrial sectors thanks to its wide range of functions and to its easy access. The low profile design allows pallet trucks to access the scales wih ease, this isnt normally possible with a standard height platform and access ramp.

Load Cells

  • G5i - Shear beam load cell
  • Fully stainless steel
  • 3000 Divisions
  • OIML R60 class C3
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Fully in welded.
  • Protection IP68
  • Load cells are fitted with an adjustable pivotal foot, to adjust the height of the scale and adapt it to the irregularities of the ground.

Technical Features

  • Type Platforms with 4 load cells
  • Material Stainless steel AISI304
  • Installation On ground
  • Dimensions From 800mm x 800mm to 2000mm x 1500mm
  • Capacities 300kg to 3000kg
  • Thickness of the top plate 5 mm
  • Inside access Removing lateral cover
  • Cable length 5 meters
  • Support 4 pivoting feet adjustable in height
  • Screws In stainless steel and zinc-coated

Optional Accessories

  • Second access ramp
  • Nickel steel load cell G35n for mild steel platforms to 3000 kg
  • G35i Stainless steel load cells for stainless steel platforms to 3000 kg
  • Stainless steel ATEX load cells and ATEX junction box for stainless steel platforms up to 3000 kg
  • Supplement for stainless steel ATEX load cells and ATEX junction box for painted platforms up to 3000 kg
  • Additional metre of cable

Please click here for the BEP low profile floor scale datasheet ....