Batch Recipe Formulation Software for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake Indicators


The Batch Recipe Formulation module has been proven reliable in a variety of food applications such as sauces, burgers, croissants and cakes. In addition, this module is beneficial in the chemical industry when manufacturing items such as polymer or rubber gaskets and nylon castings. Each batch will have consistent quality, minimal waste, better cost control and full traceability of weighing and measuring.

Myrias connects standard scales, operator terminals, label printers, barcode scanners, PC stations and data networks integrating equipment in one enterprise software.

  • Displays recipe method, HACCP messages and manufacturing information
  • Automatic calculation of ingredient weights for non-standard batch sizes
  • Supports up to 50 ingredients per recipe for an unlimited amount of recipes
  • Measures weight of volume, with fixed or variable tolerance limits
  • Records lot, batch, plant and user for full traceability
  • Free batch choice or strict priority order
  • Colour bar-graph guide for weighing out ingredients
  • Works with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and serial interfaces

Screen Displays and Reports

  • Quick and easy access to information
  • Colour histogram, trend, original data charts
  • Cost of manufacture with variance from standard
  • Separate charts for legal compliance and control
  • Trend plotted with event or time-base incorporating zoom facility
  • Tare weights list and chart
  • Original data transactions show full details of each individual weighment
  • User configurable report tables
  • Reports over shift, day or custom periods
  • All records stamped with date and time
  • Ability to print reports

Please click here for the MCI Batch Recipe Formulation Software Datasheet .....